PERU | Minera Artesanal San Luis received the responsible gold Fairmined certification

December 06, 2018
The event was held under the framework of the Peruvian Miner Day
The company seeks to double it's production to export to international market
PERU | Minera Artesanal San Luis received the responsible gold Fairmined certification

A group of representatives from Minera Artesanal San Luis participated in a ceremony to recognize it's recent Fairmined certification .

The event was held under the framework of the Day of the Peruvian Miner and was lead by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Francisco Ísmodes, and the General Directorate of Mine Formalization, Lenin Valencia, as well as representatives from international organizations that joined efforts along the process such as Solidaridad and Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM).

The meeting began with the words of Minister Ísmodes, pointing out that the initial step of any mining activity is  formalization and the efforts from the Ministry to streamline the process through regulations proposals targeting the Artisanal and Small Scale Mining (ASM). It's worth mentioning that between January and November 2018 6,412 small formalized producers were reached with a target of 10,000 formalized miners for 2019.

Moreover, Valencia remarked that Minera San Luis will have the opportunity to export it's gold to international and more lucrative markets through certification. "Minera Artesanal San Luis will be recognized for responsible practices in the small mining sector globally", emphasized Valencia.

In addition, Henry Puma, San Luis' General Manager, explained their commercial strategy. "The new commercial stage we will undertake has medium and long-term objectives that require strategic alliances that allow our active participation in international markets in Europe, Asia and North America," said Puma.

Minera Artesanal San Luis recibió certificación Fairmined de oro responsable


Minera Artesanal San Luis S.A. (MARTSAL) is located in the Ayacucho province in the south of Peru. MARTSAL has the Zorro 5 concession, with a monthly production of 3 kilograms per year and a purity level of 95%. It has its own processing plant performing crushing, grinding, cyanidation, adsorption, desorption and smelting.

Minera Artesanal San Luis recibió certificación Fairmined de oro responsable

Currently, the mining company operates with about 200 people who are shareholers and workers.  The mining community has around 250 families living in the surrounding area. During their certification and formalization process they have contributed to their community with projects which have supported health and  education infraestructure, through electricity.  


With the Fairmined Fair Mining Standard and the Alliance for Responsible Mining support, miners have the opportunity to produce Fairmined certified gold and be able to access to responsible source buyers globally. San Luis is taking part of 10 mining organizations worldwide with the Fairmined Certification: 4 in Colombia, 4 in Peru, 1 in Bolivia and 1 in Mongolia. In addition, there are around 180 brands in Europe and North America working with Fairmined certified gold, transforming it into ethical products.


Solidaridad is an international non-profit organization that has more than 50 years bringing together actors across the productive chains  to deliver innovative solutions that result in greater resilient, competitive and sustainable. In our Gold Program, we work with different business models and as transition agents towards a responsible gold market. This is achieved by supporting the Artisanal and Small Scale Mining sector through the creation and development of knowledge through a sustainable mining activity, generating strategic alliances and bringing mining producers closer to international markets that seek to purchase responsible gold.

Source | PIM