PERU | PX Impact program improves education for more than 1000 students in Arequipa

October 01, 2018
PERU | PX Impact program improves education for more than 1000 students in Arequipa

In order for mining communities to achieve sustainable growth and social peace, it is important that companies linked to mining contribute to their social, economic and environmental development with greater direct participation. In this sense, circular traceability models represent a good practice to implement improvements in areas such as educational quality.

The PX Impact program is one of the experiences that have been carried out in that perspective, through an alliance between the PX Precinox refinery and Veta Dorada Mining (Dynacor Group), to maintain a permanent follow-up of gold from its origin (Peru) to its refining and distribution (Switzerland), guaranteeing that the metal meets high international standards, without using mercury, and respecting the human rights of those involved in the process.


The program includes an economic fund from the purchase of gold from artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) formal or in process of formalization. In this way, articulated execution of priority works for the community is allowed, such as the improvement of infrastructures and their subsequent equipping in sectors such as education and health, where the Municipality of Mariano Nicolás Valcárcel joined forces with the Association of Parents of Family (APAFA), through skilled and unskilled labor.


The most recent work of the PX Impact program was the creation and refurbishment of a science and computer room with 14 computers, at the Ricardo Palma School No. 40194, located in the mining community of Secocha, Arequipa. It is estimated that nearly 1000 students will benefit from digital and scientific education.

Previously, in 2016 a library was built in the Apurimac region so that young people have educational tools that allow them to access more information sources.