FAIRTRADE is an alternative trading system that connects producers directly with consumers. It is made up of a network of 1.3 million producers (farmers, miners and workers) in 63 countries around the world that have access to international markets in more than 25 countries. It is the seal of certification most recognized by consumers in the world.

Mineras certificadas

Minera Aurífera Cuatro de Enero S.A (Macdesa)

Located in the province of Caravelí, in Arequipa, Peru, Macdesa is a small-scale mining company certified under the Fairtrade label since June 2015. It is made up of 329 members and produces around 22kg / month of gold. Thanks to the Fairtrade stamp award, they have been able to finance their access to electricity, security and solid waste collection service, a school and a medical post for their community.

Syanyonja Artisan Mining Alliance (SAMA)

Syanyonja Artisan Mining Alliance (SAMA)

Certified under the Fairtrade label since 2016, becoming the first Fairtrade certified artisanal miner in Africa. Located in Busia, Uganda, it is made up of 33 partners between men and women. The award of the certification has been used in the acquisition of machinery for the improvement of its operations. Related Links:http://bit.ly/2iktYAq