The "Fair Mining" certification system - FAIRMINED - is an innovative initiative that offers artisanal and small scale gold miners an opportunity to transform their reality, improving their income and working conditions, raising the quality of life in their communities through responsible mining practices. The gold with seal of certification of "Fair Mining" - Fairmined - has greater demand in international markets and offers the best conditions of sale. Fair Mining -FAIRMINED- is created by and for artisanal miners.

Mineras certificadas

Central de Cooperativas Minero Metalurgicas de Puno (CECOMIP)

CECOMIP is a mining company located in the Ananea District, at approximately 4700 meters above sea level. It is a region that belongs to the Province of San Antonio de Putina, where the temperature ranges from a maximum of 7 ° C to a minimum of -13 ° C. The climate is freezing due to the presence of snow and pampas. Currently, it has 200 workers of which 63 are women and 137 are men. Alluvial mining is present here. It was certified under Fairmined in August 2016.